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5 Most Common Home Pests of Autumn to Watch Out For

The warm summer nights might be gone, but if you thought the pests die with the summer heat, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, cool autumn days aren’t enough to deter pests from entering your home and waging war on your peace of mind. If you’re unsure of what to look for, you’ve come to the right place!

Local Trucking Company Bed Bug Fumigation

A local trucking company reached out to Platinum Pest to help with a pest problem they were having. One of their sleeper tractors was infested with bed bugs. We tarped the tractor and fumigated it with Vikane. Did you know that fumigation (Vikane) is the ONLY bed bug treatment that is 100% effective? There is

Jeff Tomion, Jr. | Bifenthrin Paper

Background:   Since the dawn of civilizations, farming and establishing settlements have been a keystone piece to improving the quality of life for populations. With permanent homesteads, groups were able to establish an agricultural system; growing crops and domesticating livestock. With these new systems in place, a constant supply of food and shelter helped revolutionize

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What to Do

Woodpeckers are coming out and wreaking havoc on homeowners. What should you do when they start drumming away? Find out more here!

Creative Problem Solving

Bugs Be Gone! This customer moved their grandma out of a nursing home that was infested with bedbugs. She had been dealing with them for three years, but when grandma came out of the nursing home, they didn’t know what to do with her potentially infested belongings. Client found Platinum Pest Control, and we got