Green Pest Control

Your local experts at Platinum Pest Control are serious in their commitment to provide you with the best organic pest control. We uphold our value of executing an eco-friendly, organic approach when working on your property and eliminate the problem right at the source – applying pesticides only when necessary.

Platinum Pest Control follows six principles:

  1. Inspections – We focus in on moisture and the other conditions that attract pests.
  2. Eliminating Entry Points – We seal cracks and openings.
  3. Continuously Monitoring – We thoroughly monitor the problem so it’s caught and eliminated – early.
  4. Low-Impact Materials – We use gel baits and mechanical traps among other devices to minimize material use, and our bating systems and method of monitoring termites are both organic and effective.
  5. Applications Made When Necessary – We target when we make applications with precision and the right amount of material to get the job done and eliminate the problem.
  6. Elimination of Pests – We use techniques that are innovative including vacuuming, heating and steaming.

What Green Pest Control Means

Platinum Pest Control provides environmentally-safe services to treat your land or property. We use pest control products that keep in mind the safety of our customers – an approach that is based on Integrated Pest Management (IMP).

Your Platinum Pest Control Technician uses an Integrated Pest Management approach when inspecting your property to identify the problem and pest vulnerability. Only then will the Technician make a recommendation on how to reduce and eliminate the problem using organic materials for maximum effectiveness and minimal environmental impact, representing our “Green Approach.”

How Does Green Management Work?

We believe that the relationship and communication between you, the customer and your Platinum Pest Control  Technician is one of the most important parts of an effective Green pest management program. Your Technician will suggest simple changes to you upon occasion to prevent pest problems, and if you witness any pest activity emerge in the interim, call your Technician immediately to prevent the problem from worsening.