Residential Pest Control

Here at PPC, we do not do a “one price fits all” for residential customers. We like to come out and access the home with a free estimate. Typically, this can be done with the homeowner not having to be there unless, of course, the issue is an interior one. For our exterior treatments, we like to do a Spring treatment and a Fall Treatment. We will do a one-time Spring exterior treatment, but this does not carry all the benefits of having the Twice-A-Year treatment.

We offer neighborhood discounts for 5 or more houses.

Many people often ask what the need is for the Fall Pest Control service if they have already had the Spring Pest Control service. The main reason is that no insecticide lasts more than 3-4 months due to the sun and rain, and we want to keep your home protected continuously, and PPC is all about preventative! Wasps (paper, European and mud) and yellow jackets/hornets want to enter your home when the weather cools down. They can be very destructive once they get inside walls. The Fall is also the time of year to treat for Cluster Flies, Box Elder Beetles, Stink Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles. Here are some other reasons & the guarantees we have with the twice-a-year treatment.

No treatment can totally prevent yellow jackets or hornets that nest in the ground or interior walls. Part of our guarantee to you is to take care of these problems if need be. On average, other companies charge well over $150 to get rid of yellow jacket or hornet nests. You are getting more service for your money with a twice-a-year treatment. In the fall we can inspect the grounds and make sure that the yellow jackets or hornets have not entered your house to make a nest.

If you have a twice-a-year treatment you are guaranteed for bees (bumble-honey), yellow jackets/hornets, wasps (paper-European, mud) & exterior spiders as well. Not only that, but you will see a dramatic decrease in the number of spiders in the house. Spiders are feeding on insects in the house, and since those insects are not around, the spiders die out due to not having anything to feed on. Millipedes, sow bugs, pill bugs, centipedes, earwigs are also guaranteed.

If you do the twice-a-year treatment the first year and you have no ant problems during that first year then you will have a guarantee on ants the next year if they happen to appear. If you did have a carpenter ant problem that was treated, you must do the fall treatment to keep your guarantee. If you chose not to, and the next year you get ants again, you will have to start all over. An average carpenter ant job runs $300-$500. Remember, we are all about preventative!

We will come back if you have a problem. We will take care of you as a customer. You are our #1 priority.

If you choose to do a one-time treatment, be aware that it will only have a guarantee thru the calendar year for exterior wasps (paper, European, mud) & exterior spiders **(this does NOT include any ants, bees (bumble, honey, carpenter), yellow jackets or hornets – that is only guaranteed for our twice-a-year customers.)

Thank you for your business! Please call the office with any questions or problems – not matter how small they may seem to you. We cannot help you if you do not call us. You will not be “bugging” us.