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The Latest FSMA 204 Rules

March 14, 2024

The latest FSMA 204 rules on traceability will be enforced from January 2026.

You’ll need to ensure that all the necessary measures are in place for monitoring the origin, condition, location, and controls in time for the implementation deadline.​ All stakeholders are required to assess their readiness.

If you’re not sure how the rule applies to you and your products, Platinum Pest Control food safety experts have a few tips to help you identify if it does.
  • Review of ingredients and finished products, compared to FDA’s Food Traceability List.
  • Document check (e.g. Traceability Plan).
  • Check that all relevant stakeholders covered by the rule have been captured.
  • Access to a 30-minute video recording, explaining the principles of FSMA 204 traceability requirements. As FDA releases guidance video, we will be posting them on platinum site, so keep checking for updates.!

Food Traceability List

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