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    Industrial Pest Control

    Though clad in steel, concrete, and other seemingly impenetrable materials, industrial and institutional sites are vulnerable to pests. These invaders have no place on your site, and they can pose dangerous and costly problems. Every crevice, open door, or loading dock is a point of entry for pests. Continual deliveries and long-term storage all increase your risk for pest infestation. Rats, ants, cockroaches, mites, flies, and other invaders can infest your inventory and cause structural damage, potentially costing you millions.

    If you never want to worry about pest control again, call us.

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    With hundreds, sometimes thousands, of children milling about, it’s easy to forget about pests. Rodents, bed bugs, ants, wasps, and more are all attracted to the safe haven schools offer. Unlimited food, water, and shelter are available for pests. Gym lockers, cafeterias, dumpsters, and classrooms are all spaces pests can hide, multiplying rapidly if not stopped. Pests bring with them harmful bacteria and viruses that can halt education, putting students on edge. A rogue rat can derail a class agenda and send staff and students into a panic.

    Don’t let a pest problem become an emergency. Let the experts at Platinum Pest Control keep your school safe. Staff and students shouldn’t have to worry about rats in a locker or cockroaches in the kitchen. Keep pests from becoming a distraction and contact us today. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions use pesticides only when necessary, and we’re devoted to exhausting every green method of pest extermination. Get a free estimate today!

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