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commercial pest control for grocery stores

Commercial Pest Control

How did your company do on its last food safety audit or customer visit? Did you lose valuable points on pest control? Platinum Pest Control is AIB, ASI and HACCP trained. Specializing in Agricultural, Industrial & Food Processing. We currently provide services for SQF certified Organic certified and FDA inspected facilities. We guarantee an excellent rating for Pest Control with any food safety audit, and total customer satisfaction with our service.

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Bread—check. Milk—check. Rat…RAT! Grocery stores are a palace of potential for many pests. Rodents, flies, cockroaches, and even birds are just some of the pests that can infiltrate grocery stores and infest food product. Every shelf, loading dock, break room, and trash disposal are potential sites for pests to take root and multiply. The Food & Drug Administration enforce strict guidelines for suppliers and retailers in the food industry. Producers, importers, and retailers must all take regular preventative actions to prevent pest infestation and illness along the supply chain. If pests are left to their own devices, they’ll quickly overrun your building. The damage will be costly and could deter business.

Platinum Pest Control will not only eliminate your pest problem, but we’ll also help you formulate a prevention plan to keep them out. It takes far more than good cleanup and storage practices. Partnering with our professionals at Platinum Pest Control will help manage unwanted invaders and keep them at bay, stopping pest problems before they become an emergency.

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