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    Syracuse Commercial Pest Control

    Commercial Pest Control

    How did your company do on its last food safety audit or customer visit? Did you lose valuable points on pest control? Platinum Pest Control is AIB, ASI and HACCP trained. Specializing in Agricultural, Industrial & Food Processing. We currently provide services for SQF certified Organic certified and FDA inspected facilities. We guarantee an excellent rating for Pest Control with any food safety audit, and total customer satisfaction with our service.

    If you never want to worry about pest control again, call us.

    Keeping your workspace clean and safe is critical in fostering a productive work environment. A pest sighting can derail business and decrease employee morale in an instant. Rumors can quickly spread, and ones about rodents, flies, bed bugs, and cockroaches get picked up in an instant, halting productivity. These unwanted invaders can tarnish your reputation and decrease profits. Pests infiltrate any space with ease, and your office is no exception. The health risks they pose are substantial, and the sighting of a cockroach or rodent could send employees screaming through the hallways.

    Let the experts at Platinum Pest Control exterminate unwanted invaders. Don’t let pests disrupt your workflow. Take action and partner with a pest management service that will discreetly and efficiently exterminate your pest problem. We have the years of experience and the gear to take down any unwanted invaders and get your business running at full capacity once again.

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    We offer:
    • Free Estimates & Evaluations
    • Annual Assessments
    • Insect & Rodent Control
    • Fumigation
    • Barcode Scanning
    • FISMA Compliant
    • Spatial Mapping
    • Spatial Fogging
    • Weekly & Monthly Service
    • Pest Trending Reports
    • Web Based Reporting
    • Entomologist Service
    • Vegetation Control
    • Certified Organic Products
    • Green Pest Control
    • Geese Control
    • Advanced Training