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    commercial pest control for restuarants

    Commercial Pest Control

    How did your company do on its last food safety audit or customer visit? Did you lose valuable points on pest control? Platinum Pest Control is AIB, ASI and HACCP trained. Specializing in Agricultural, Industrial & Food Processing. We currently provide services for SQF certified Organic certified and FDA inspected facilities. We guarantee an excellent rating for Pest Control with any food safety audit, and total customer satisfaction with our service.

    If you never want to worry about pest control again, call us.

    The restaurant industry may be perhaps the most notorious industry for pests. Nothing will derail diners quicker than rumors of rats in the kitchen or roaches in the pantry. Flies, mites, and other invaders are drawn to kitchens and dining rooms. Food, water, and corners to hide in are all in excess at restaurants, and the amount of food waste is like a magnet for pests. Rodents, cockroaches, and more are all serious threats to not only your restaurant’s reputation but the health and safety of guests and employees. A failed inspection can result in high fines and may even cause your business to shut down, costing you customers. Exterminating pests and implementing preventative solutions is crucial to keeping your restaurant doors open and guests dining with pleasure.

    Trust the experts at Platinum Pest Control to keep your restaurant up to federal service regulations and local health codes. We’ll eliminate any existing pest problem and set up an action plan to keep pests away. Your restaurant’s sanitation is no joke, and we take restaurant pest control and management seriously at PPC of Syracuse.

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