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    Commercial Pest Control

    How did your company do on its last food safety audit, health inspection or customer visit? Did you lose valuable points on pest control? Platinum Pest Control is GFSI, ANSI and FSMA trained. Specializing in Agricultural, Industrial & Food Processing. We currently provide services for GFSI (all five standards) certified Organic certified , FDA , FSIS -USDA inspected facilities. We guarantee an excellent rating for Pest Control with any food safety audit, Health inspections or customer required audits and total customer satisfaction with our service. With our prevention, monitoring and control approach.

    Make integrated pest management, a part of your companies, food safety culture ,call us.

    Shop ’til you drop—or until you see a cockroach scampering across the sales floor. No paying customer wants to see an unwanted pest while they’re perusing a department store. Rodents, ants, flies, wasps, mites, and more can all plague a commercial retail space, deterring shoppers and causing costly repairs. You and your employees work hard to provide superior customer service to everyone who walks through your doors. Unfortunately, one pest sighting can unravel years of hard work and make shoppers uncomfortable in your place of business. Open doors, deliveries, and even customers can bring pests into your store, so partnering with a pest management provider is your best option.

    Platinum Pest Control will keep your store’s doors open and customer filling the aisles! We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to exterminate and deter all manner of pests. You can trust our methods are safe and effective. We will discreetly deal with your pest problem and get your business running at full capacity once again.

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    • Vegetation Control
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