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    A pest that emerges as warm weather approaches, boxelder bugs are a common nuisance for homeowners. These pests invade and contaminate food supply, stain furniture, and leave an unpleasant order. Boxelder bugs typically congregate on the south side of trees, buildings, and rocks coming together in great numbers. As cooler temperatures approach in the fall, boxelder bugs migrate into homes and buildings seeking warmth. They enter through any minuscule entry point in homes and hide in cracks and crevices of walls to insulate themselves for warmth.

    Though not an immediate danger, boxelder bugs can become a large nuisance in a building. Their fecal droppings can cause a red stain on drapes, clothing, and any fabric in your home. Boxelder bugs also produce a strong odor when squished. Though they aren't known to bite, boxelder bugs' piercing-sucking mouth can puncture the skin and cause irritation–much like a mosquito bite.

    If you notice these pests, don't try to kill them in the home–you might just end up attracting more pests! Trust the experts at Platinum Pest Control to rid your space of nuisance pests.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level medium
    • bite: Low
    • allergen: Medium
    • pet: Low
    • child: Medium
    • reproduction: High
    • colony: Large
    • attracted: Warmth and shelter
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Do not exterminate bugs in the home.
    • Contact Platinum Pest Control to implement spring and fall treatments.
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