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    Originally brought over to control pests destroying crops in the southern states, the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (MALB) has grown rapidly and spread throughout North America. Not to be confused with its well-known cousin, the ladybug, MALBs come in many colors—from dark red to light yellow—indicating what its diet consists of. MALBs have become far more populous than the native ladybug. In fact, the official New York State insect hasn’t been seen in the eastern United States since 1984, according to Cornell entomologists. So, if you’re thinking about mailing “ladybugs” to rid your garden of pests, chances are, you’ll get destructive MALBs instead.

    These invasive pests destroy crops, ruining products and destroying profits for farmers. The grape industry has taken massive hits, so much so that farmers in the U.S. and Canada use a “pesticide of choice” to quell infestation. Millions of dollars in damage have been caused by MALBs and, in their larval form, feed on the beneficial monarch butterfly caterpillar. These pests are capable of creating allergic reactions—from a cough to conjunctivitis—and even bite!

    These pests invade along wires, through cracks, and on clothing, and will crawl throughout your home or business rummaging through food, letting off a noxious secretion that will contaminate closed spaces like closets, cupboards, dressers, and more. These pests can be a serious annoyance to any home or a business owner.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level medium
    • bite: Medium, capable of biting but typically don't
    • allergen: Low, but can cause coughing, sneezing conjunctivitis, and asthma-like symptoms
    • pet: Low
    • child: Low
    • reproduction: Rapid, one female can lay up tp 3,000 eggs per generation
    • colony: Varies from solitary to thousands
    • attracted: Fruit, other insect pests, and warm spaces during cold months
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • If you see on, get rid of it. If your garden or crops are infested, contact Platinum Pest Control immediately.
    • Contact Platinum Pest if an increasing number appear.
    • Implement spring and fall treatments to prevent further infestation.
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