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    Striking fear in the hearts of many, wasps can be a danger to you, your family, or your business. There is a wide variety of these intimidating insects across North America. Paper wasps, Mud Daubers, and Ichneumon wasps are among a variety of wasps that create nests in unexpected places—traffic lights, parking meters, behind shutters, bird boxes, and even in the ground—any enclosed space. Wasps are aggressive and defend their nests with fervor, protecting their queen at all costs with painful stings that can result in welts, infection, and for 1% of the population, death. Though both female and male wasps are bothersome, only the female wasps have the ability to sting. Though given this fearsome reputation, wasps are essential to a successful agricultural system. They kill pests that would otherwise decimate crops and contaminate for supply. Despite their painful sting and aggression, wasps are a beneficial insect, only hazardous when they nest in close proximity to humans.

    Though beneficial to the environment, wasps pose a threat once they nest in close proximity to you, your family, or pets. Platinum Pest Control can exterminate or remove any wasp nest in a safe way, restoring peace of mind and safety to your home or business.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level high
    • bite: High, aggressive will fiercely protect nest
    • allergen: High, 1% of population is deathly allergic. Stings can cause swelling, welts, and irritation
    • pet: Medium, keep pets away from nest
    • child: High, keep children away from nest, watch for allergic reaction if stung
    • reproduction: Medium
    • colony: Ranges from dozens to hundreds
    • attracted: Fruit juices, dark and secluded places, and other agricultural pests
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Avoid nest and do not disturb.
    • Leave nest alone, unless in close proximity to humans.
    • Call Platinum Pest Control to exterminate or remove the wasp nest.
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