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    The yellowjacket and white-faced hornet are both fierce and aggressive pests. These insect cousins are capable of inflicting immense pain and, unlike bees, are capable of stinging multiple times, causing life-threatening allergic reactions. These members of the wasp family are attracted to virtually anything—from lotions and perfumes to picnic food and drinks—and will vigorously attack anyone or thing that comes too close.

    These pests nest in a multitude of places: under decks, in a wall, under shingles atop a tree, in a log, and even in the ground. Their papery nests are filled with hundreds of workers, all defending their queen and ready to attack if threatened. The white-faced hornet’s nest has a signature football shape and can grow to an impressive size, escaping recognition high up in tree branches. The yellowjacket poses a more menacing threat because they often nest in hidden places. If a lawnmower gets too close, an ax goes too deep into a log, or even if you’re gardening and plant in the wrong area, these pests will come at you with vengeance, causing painful and sometimes deadly stings.

    Though pestilent when in close proximity to humans, these wasps are essential to the ecological system and consume other harmful pests like horseflies, beetles, and even each other—the white-faced hornet preys on the yellowjacket. If you notice a nest close to or in your home, let the experts at Platinum Pest Control safely exterminate or remove the nest. Wasps are at the ready to defend their nest and won’t hesitate to sting if slightly disturbed.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level high
    • bite: High, will inflict multiple stings if slightly disturbed
    • allergen: Low to high, deadly for some
    • pet: High, will readily attack
    • child: High, will readily attack.
    • reproduction: High, though most workers are killed during winter months
    • colony: Dozens to thousands
    • attracted: Food, lotions and perfumes, sugary drinks, trash, secluded places, and trees for nesting
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Avoid nests and hornets.
    • Properly seal food and trash.
    • Contact Platinum Pest Control to exterminate or remove wasps and nests.
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