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    Once, a New England house was so densely packed with cluster fly carcasses that they provided insulation for the home—skin crawling yet? These pests are capable of entering your home through any means—windows, siding, air vents, you name it. Cluster flies are relentless and come in droves, attracting other pests and leaving stains on walls and windows with their droppings. Due to their short life cycle, four generations pass before one season is over, and once the weather turns cold, cluster flies invade homes and hide in protected spaces, emerging inside when it gets too cold.

    Cluster flies take no regard for your space, congregating around windows and lamps, making you uncomfortable in your own home. But even in death, the cluster fly is an annoyance. Shoveling out thousands of carcasses is messy, and their bodies attract other pests like the beetles that feed on cereal, wool, furs, and other fabrics.

    At-home treatments do little to rid a space of cluster flies. Let the experts at Platinum Pest Control swat out your fly problems today. Every situation is different, and we’ll come up with a plan tailored to suit your unique situation.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level medium
    • bite: None
    • allergen: None
    • pet: None
    • child: Low
    • reproduction: Rapid–four generations in one season!
    • colony: Typically large, up to thousands
    • attracted: Warm and sheltered places
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • At-home remedies rarely work, contact Platinum Pest Control.
    • Implement spring and fall treatments to prevent further infestation.
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