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    A pest first found in New York State in 1840, the European Hornet is actually the only true hornet of North America. This member of the Hymenoptera family can grow up to an inch and a half long and is active both day and night. This hornet is noted for its unusually loud buzz. Though it’s not as aggressive as its smaller cousin—the hair-trigger yellow jacket—this pest causes many unpleasantries for homeowners and businesses alike.

    They dwell in multiple places: barns, hollow walls, abandoned beehives, attics, and usually inside hollow trees. Their nests are enormous and leave a reeking stench, dripping black, liquid fecal matter. The European Hornet primarily feeds off sap and fruit. Shrubs, rhododendrons, and dogwoods alike, don’t stand a chance, and fruit trees/gardens are often ravaged by the feeding of this hornet.

    The experts at Platinum Pest know just what it takes to exterminate these insects once and for all, restoring a suitable environment for your plant life. We approach pest extermination in a safe, eco-friendly, and organic way, applying pesticides only when necessary. Let the experts at Platinum Pest Control rid your property of hornets and other insects that destroy vegetation.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level high
    • bite: High–has a formidably sized stinger, causing pain, swelling, and infection
    • allergen: None to deadly depending upon individual, multiple stings from a swarm are dangerous and could result in death
    • pet: High
    • child: High
    • reproduction: Rapid
    • colony: Large–up to 1,000 workers and several thousand larvae with a single queen
    • attracted: Insect prey and empty spaces, not human food or garbage
    • location: Throughout North America
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Avoid hive and hornets.
    • Contact Platinum Pest Control to implement fall and spring treatments to prevent further hives.
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