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    The stink bug is an invasive species native to Asia and has only been prevalent in the United States since the mid-1990s. Though these bugs don’t spread disease or harm people, they have had quite the effect in the US. These pests have decimated millions of dollars worth of crops and spread rapidly across the country. However, the stink bug’s effects are felt far beyond the reach of agriculture. Homeowners also bear the burden invasive stink bugs have had on the environment. Stink bugs are attracted to light and warmth, seeking refuge from the cold. The flat shape of their bodies enables them to easily slip through holes in screen doors, siding, utility pipes, and any other point of entry.

    Stink bugs typically enter homes in the fall, seeking protection from the cooling temperatures. Hundreds can cluster together on the outside of homes for warmth, and eventually, they’ll migrate seek out a more permanent solution: inside your home. Once inside, stink bugs are difficult to get rid of. They spread throughout homes and hide in concealed spaces. They are attracted to light, and their bodies can often be found in light fixtures. Though squishing and vacuuming them away might seem like a good idea, you’ll be left with a foul odor that permeates your entire space.

    These pests have become a nuisance for homeowners across the country, and Platinum Pest Control is fully equipped to handle any level of infestation. Stink bugs climb on walls, fly into lights, and crawl throughout your house making you uncomfortable and leaving nasty odors throughout. Let the team at Platinum Pest Control rid your space of stink bugs.
    Platinum Pest Threat Level medium
    • bite: Low
    • allergen: Low, allergic reactions to stink bugs are rare but can happen
    • pet: Low
    • child: Low
    • reproduction: Moderate, typically lay 28 eggs per cycle
    • colony: Medium
    • attracted: Light and warmth
    • location: Throughout North America, prevalent in the South
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Seal points of entry—cracks, holes, etc…
    • Contact Platinum Pest Control to eliminate your stink bug pest problem.
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