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    Learn more about some common household pests from our highly educated staff.
    Pests that are sure to make business and homeowners squirm, rodents pose a danger to the health and safety of humans but also the structural integrity of a building. They have been responsible for plagues, decimating the human population and spreading deadly diseases. They live in almost every type of habitat—from mountain slopes to meat lockers—spreading disease and damaging property wherever they are found. The sight of a large rat or fat mouse in your home is seriously unnerving and can cause great unease. Voles create deep rifts in your yard, destroying any landscape and creating tripping hazards.

    The common house mouse, deer and white-footed mice, rats, and voles all pose serious risks to your home, family, and health. These pests carry Lyme disease-causing ticks, viruses, and leave fecal droppings that can make you incredibly sick. Mice reproduce at a frighteningly fast rate. In fact, one single mouse and her offspring could produce 2,500 mice in six months, and each mouse can live up to six years!

    These pests wreak havoc in your home—scratching through drywall, gnawing on framing, raiding your food supply, and excreting waste all throughout your home—causing a lack of comfortability in your own home. Rodents are capable of squeezing through even a dime-sized hole in your foundation, wall, or baseboard. Our treatment methods of rodents use snap trapping, carbon monoxide treatment (outdoors only), and baiting.

    Platinum Pest Threat Level high
    • bite: Medium, rodents typically do not attack but may if the feel threatened
    • allergen: Medium
    • pet: High, can bring ticks and fleas into your home and will contaminate pet food
    • child: High, rodents bring fecal matter, viruses, fleas, and ticks into your home, posing serious health and safety concerns to you and your family
    • reproduction: Extremely Rapid
    • colony: Medium
    • attracted: Warm, dark and secluded places; food, garbage, and any substance capable of being consumed
    • location: Throughout North America and the world
    Precautions & Treatment
    • Do not approach rodents, wash clothing, throw away food that has come into contact with rodents.
    • Seal food tightly and conceal any nooks or crannies in your home.
    • Contact Platinum Pest Control to eradicate nests and implement fall and spring treatment solutions.
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